Op-Art Kaleidoscope Quilts, Template-free Technique

Op-Art Kaleidoscope Quilts, Template-free Technique


This quilt, made from sixteen 14” Op-Art Kaleidoscope blocks, is surprisingly easy to construct using my method with no wedge-shaped templates or triangular rulers. Cut the wedges and kites with a regular ruler, mix the pieces and assemble large Kaleidoscope blocks. Slice these blocks and play. Students are encouraged to experiment and explore some of the many options for switching the diced pieces to generate interesting looking Op-art Kaleidoscope blocks for their own unique quilt.

Duration: Two or more days
Skill level: Intermediate
Pattern fee of $5 per student payable at the time of the workshop.
Pattern (for four-block and nine-block version) available for purchase in store.

Click for the printable supplies list.

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