Mongolia 2005

In January, the German Development Agency sponsored Selenge and an assistant to travel to Khovd in Western Mongolia to teach for a week.  Selenge also came to US and stayed with me for two weeks in February.  During that time I gave her quilting instruction, introduced her to several quilters and their quilts, and we participated in the Kitsap Quilters’ Guild show.  We raised enough funds from the sale of aprons and bags to cover the cost of Selenge’s expenses.  With the help of St. Barnabas Church, we continued to raise funds for the Center by selling these items and we collected donations for chances on a large Ölzii quilt.  The quilt was pieced in Mongolia, by Selenge and women at the Mongolian Quilting Center, using ger (Mongolian yurt) fabric for the background.  Selenge brought the quilt top here with her and Wanda Rains machine quilted it with beautiful designs based on embroidery pattterns by Kazak women in Western Mongolia.  The drawing was held at the end of May and in June we were able to send another $3,000 to Selenge to help with the running costs of the Center.

During the year, the basement Center suffered major problems of inadequate heating, ventilation and lighting. There were a couple of nasty floods and each time, the women cleaned up and persevered, but it was clear that they needed to move the Center. We began planning a quilt show to be held in Ulaanbaatar in 2006 to educate Mongolians about quilting and to raise funds to rent a more suitable space for the Center.